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Introducing Hayley Kirley

Kirley Pic

Hello! My name is Hayley Kirley and I am the new Graduate Assistant for the English Department! I am getting my Master’s in English Literature and I plan on teaching English abroad after graduation.  I will be conducting interviews for the blog this year. Some important things to know about me is that I love  baking, reading, dogs, and music. Some things that I hate are celery, hangnails, snakes, and escalators. Thank god there are no snakes or escalators in Landrum! I am so excited to start working with everyone!


Introducing Jacqui Tackett


Jacqui Tackett is currently the Graduate Assistant for the Master’s in English Program at NKU, and she will be conducting the interviews this semester.

She’s getting her Master’s in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She loves writing poetry, memoir, and fiction. She has a passion for fitness, especially running, and this year she is going to run The Flying Pig Half Marathon for the second time. She also has a slight obsession with Tim Burton and The Nightmare Before Christmas. She treats her three dogs as her children.